How do I make a task recurring? What options do I have?

Recurring tasks is a handy feature in Deltek Collaboration that is available for tasks that have a due date.

To create a recurring task:

  1. Click on the Tasks tab in your Home page or a specific space.
  2. Type your task name into the “Add a task” entry field at the top. 
  3. Click the calendar icon to set a due date.
  4. Click the link next to the Repeats section under the popup calendar.
  5. Use the drop-down fields to set your task to recur when you wish.  Your options are:
    1. Every week, weekday, day, month, or year
    2. Every other week, weekday, day, month, or year
    3. Every third week, weekday, day, month, or year
    4. Which specific days of the week the recurrence should happen: click the appropriate box or boxes for Sunday (Su), Monday (M), Tuesday (Tu), Wednesday (W), Thursday (Th), Friday (F), or Saturday (Sa).
    5. When the recurring task should end: enter the date.


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