What's a quick way to see my task notes?

  • If you set your Tasks tab to Card View, you can easily flip the cards to view the task notes without needing to open the task details pop-up or do any extra clicks!
    • To set your Tasks tab to Card View: Go to the Tasks tab in My Kona or your space.  On the right side of the screen, you will see icons under the green plus sign where you add a task.  Select the icon with 12 squares to change to Card View.  Tasks with notes will show with a folded top right corner with an arrow.  Click on the arrow to flip the card over and view the notes.
  • Another quick way is to hover over the task in the list.  You will see “Notes” appear next to the number of people.  Click Notes to see a pop-up of the notes without needing to even open the task.
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