How do I set up a group task that all must complete?

When you create a new task and assign more than one person to it, you will see a pop up asking you if “Assignees must complete this task individually”.  In this case you would check this box to require all Assignees to complete this task individually before the entire task is complete.  After entering the rest of your task details as needed, click “Add+” to put this task into the space.

The task will be shown as a “must complete” on the task tab.  Your image shows when you are assigned to the task.  The number of people who have completed the task will also show.

The task creator can view inside the task to see who has completed the task already and who is left to complete.  Click the task name to bring up the task details screen to view this information.  The creator also has the abilities to mark the task complete for individual assignees and to close out the task for all. 

Note: If you are the task creator and click the check mark icon on this task, it will mark the task complete for you individually but leave the task open for the other assignees who have not yet completed.  To mark the task completed by everyone, the creator must click the “Close out task” link on the Task Status tab on the left side of the task details pane.



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