What does it mean to follow or un-follow a task?

When creating a new task, click into the “Assign To” field and “Add Followers” link then "Followers to notify" field to put people into the appropriate sections.  

After adding the assignees and followers, you will see them listed above the “get the conversation started” box.  You can turn the lock icon on and off here. 

Public/Private (Lock icon): If this icon is locked (private), then only the people listed as Assigned or Following will be able to view the task. If the icon is unlocked (public) then everyone in the space will be able to view the task. The task will not appear in everyone’s Home page but will be visible from within the space.


For an existing task, click on the task to open the task details pane.  Click the people icon to the left of the task name to pull up the People section. Use the “Assign to” and “Followers to notify” boxes to add someone as an Assignee or Follower. 

Note: If the task is currently assigned to Everyone, you will need to de-select the Everyone group before you can sort people into Attendees and Followers. 

  • Assign To: Choose the people responsible for completing this task. You can change these people in this screen as well.
  • Followers: Choose the people that should receive email notifications regarding this task. The task will not appear in their MY TASKS or Home page. You can change the people in this screen as well.  For example, you can add yourself as a follower on a task you are interested in being notified on but don’t need to complete.

From the Tasks tab: When you hover on a task’s name on the Tasks tab, you will see a new Follow icon available.  Click this icon to become a task follower.






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