How do I replace a file that I uploaded to Kona?

As collaboration picks up across your groups, several files and their different versions are tossed around. To minimize this scenario, you can replace files with newer versions, or even entirely different files. When you hover over the files that you have uploaded to Kona (excluding files from Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox), you can then select the “Replace” link to upload a different or newer file in its place.

After clicking the “Replace link”, click the “Replace File” button to confirm that you wish to overwrite this file with a new or different one. You can then select the file you will upload in its place and click the “Open” button. You will see a notification that the new file is uploading and then Kona will tell you when it’s complete. The old file will be removed from Kona and the new file is in its place.

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