How can I download multiple files from Deltek Collaboration?

You can download multiple files at once using the batch edit feature. Go to the Files tab of a space and click the pencil icon located to the left of Tags at the top of the file list. Check the box next to each file that you’d like to download and then click the Download Files icon located to the left of the Folder icon in the list of icons at the top of the page. The selected files will be pulled into a ZIP file that will be added to the space. Only the user that selected to download files will be able to access this ZIP file; this user will also be notified when the download is complete. To finish the process, download the ZIP file to have local access to all the files you chosen to download.

*Note: The ZIP file will go against your file storage; you can delete this file from Deltek Collaboration after downloading it locally. Also, any third party files (those uploaded to Deltek Collaboration via external file sharing source) cannot be downloaded in this way.



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