How do I delete a file folder?

From the space’s Files tab, select the (>) symbol to the left of the filtering options to open the folder navigation pane.  Locate the folder you would like to delete and mouse over the file count in the right corner.  An arrow will appear to the right of the folder count.  Click the arrow to open a drop-down menu and select Delete.  Note: Only space owners can delete folders.


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    Jessica Dalrymple

    Is there a way to get back a folder you accidentally deleted? 

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    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Jessica, 

    Once you delete a file folder, you cannot retrieve it. The items in the folder have not been deleted, though. They will have returned to the list at the top of the page called "Files not in a folder." You can re-add the folder and drag and drop the necessary files into it. 



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