How do I share a file?

From the Files tab in your Home page or a specific space, select the plus [+] button in the upper right corner of the Add a file bar.  Click the paperclip icon and choose what you wish to attach to the task – a document, link, Google doc, Dropbox file, or Box file.  (Note that you may not see these options in your Deltek Collaboration Business space if your administrator has disallowed these external file source(s).)

If you choose File, a window will pop up for you to navigate to the location of the document, file, or other media you wish to attach.  Once you have selected the file, click the Open button.  The file will be uploaded.

If you choose Link, a pop-up will appear for you to type or paste the URL of the website into.

If you choose “Google Doc”, you then have the choice of creating a new Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation, or Selecting an Existing Google Doc. 

  • If you choose to create a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation, you will see that file type appear with your task name.
  • If you choose to select an existing Google Doc, you will be able choose from the files within your Google Drive account.  You can select multiple files to add. When you have made your selection, click “Done Selecting Files.”  You may be asked to verify and/or authorize your Google account for Deltek Collaboration.  After that process, re-choose the paperclip icon > Google Doc > Select Existing. 

If you choose “Dropbox file,” a sign-in window will pop up, asking you to sign in your Dropbox account to authenticate a connection with Deltek Collaboration. Then you will be able to browse through your Dropbox files to share in Deltek Collaboration. You can choose one file to share at a time. Click “select” when you’re done. As long as you are signed in to Dropbox on your browser, you can access your Dropbox files from within Deltek Collaboration.

If you choose “Box File,” you will be prompted to sign in to your Box account, if you not already signed in, to authenticate a connection with Deltek Collaboration.  Then you will be able to browse through your Box files to select what you would like to share in Deltek Collaboration.  Click “Select” when you are done.

In this screen you can also select who you would like to share the file with and get a conversation around the file started.  You can also select which File Folder it should belong to, click the star to mark it as a favorite, or add notes.  


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    Lina Avila-Klinger

    Hi Christine,

    I am sharing .pjg files with my team in one of our spaces. I would like them to be able to copy the picture/file and dump it somewhere else like a word doc. Is it possible to do this without having to "save as" the file?

    Thank you,


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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Lina,

    I'm able to reproduce what you're experiencing.  I have opened a ticket with development to see if we can change this behavior in a future release.  In the meantime, doing a "save as" is the best way.

    Thank you,


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