How do I clear conversations in Kona that I have already read in e-mail?

One of the best ways to integrate Kona into your existing practices and behaviors is to turn on email notifications so you can read newly updated Kona conversations while also reviewing work emails. If you’re an “email reader”, you can turn on the feature to have all conversation digests marked as read in Kona. This way you aren’t reading updates twice, and you can spend your time in Kona just catching up on new things.

To turn on clearing conversations in Kona that you have already read in e-mail, click on your picture in the upper right of Kona and then choose “Notifications”. Next to conversation digests, check the box to “mark conversations read.”

Note: This will only affect conversations emailed from this point forward. To clear any lingering unread bubbles from old conversations, you can mark all conversations for a space as read. Check out this article for more information.

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