Learn more about using Skype with Kona

Kona offers the ability to start a Skype chat from within a Kona conversation!  If typing isn’t enough, click the Skype icon to start a 1:1 call with the other person.  Kona Business account members can even start a group or everyone chat.  If you’re a Kona Business account member, click here to learn more.

Anyone who has entered their Skype Id in to their Kona profile is available to Skype chat with in Kona. 

To set a Skype Id, click on your picture in the upper right of Kona and then choose “My profile.”  Scroll down to the “Skype Id” section and enter in your Skype username.  Then click “Save.”  Once a Skype Id is set, you will be available to Skype with in Kona.

To start a Skype chat, open up a 1:1 conversation with that person.  Click the Skype icon shown above the comment field at the bottom of the conversation window.  When you see an “External Protocol Request” popup appear, click “Launch Application.”  Skype will then prompt you that you are about to make a call.  Click “OK.”  Skype will ring the other person and you can chat as usual within Skype.

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