How do I collapse folders?

If you wish to collapse the folder hierarchy shown on the left side of the conversations, tasks, or documents tab, you can refresh your browser window.  When the browser refreshes, you will be seeing a collapsed view of only your level one folders.  You can also click on any folders with a double folder icon to collapse the sub folders beneath it, and then click to reveal the sub folders again.

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    Ruthanne Schulte

    Why are the folders not sorted with the conversations?  In my space, someone created several dozen folders that are now all old - as well as all of the conversations within the folders.  I prefer the conversations tab with the new conversations at the top.  But now these old folders are at the top.  I have to scroll down to see any new conversations.  I've learned to click Unread, but I would rather the folders just sort with conversations.  You can see the folder date (most of the folders have a date in Oct of last year).  Why are they still at the top of the list?

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    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Ruthanne, 

    Thank you for providing this great feedback. The folders are sorted in the order that they were created, and are listed on the left side of the page. The last updated date does not change the order of the folders. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 



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