How do I start a conversation on a document?

To start a conversation on a document, open the document from the Documents tab in My Kona or the Space.  In the details pane that opens, click into the comments field and start typing away.  Hit the Enter key or Send button when you are done typing and the discussion will be started!

If the document is marked that everyone in the space is on it, everyone will be able to join in on the conversation.  If the document is marked only for a selected group of people to see, only those people will be able to join in.

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    Drew West

    If I post a file, but DON'T add any comments, then no conversation is started?  (Or in other words, is that the way to add/post a file WITHOUT starting a conversation about it?)

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    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Drew, 

    Thank you for submitting this question. If you add comments to a file, a conversation will be created. This means that the file will appear in the files tab of the space, in addition to the conversations tab. To not start a conversation around a file, simply add notes instead.  



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    Andrew T. Barrett

    Is it possible to change the people for a conversation for a file?  I do not see the gear icon in the people tab to be able to change the people associated with the conversation for a file.  This means that if the conversation is not started with the correct people, it cannot be fixed.

    We have this situation on many files now which means people are not notified when new versions are uploaded.

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