How do I start a one-on-one chat?

Kona conversations are a great way to communicate with others in a space so you can get things done!  When you explore Kona, you will find that you can have online conversations with people in the spaces you have created, around tasks you are trying to complete, calendar events, documents you have shared, and website bookmarks you would like to discuss.

You can also have one-on-one conversations with people that stay private.  To start a one-on-one conversation, click on a person’s picture anywhere within Kona.  You can easily locate their picture from the People section located on the left sidebar of My Kona.  Once you hover over a picture, a popup will appear that includes details of the person.  Click on the name or picture to open the conversation details pane.  Then click into the comments box, located at the bottom of the screen and start typing away.  Hit the Enter button or click Send when you are done typing and the discussion will be started.  The person in the conversation with you will receive an online notification about your conversation.

One-on-one conversations are private.  Only you and the person you are chatting with will see the conversation.

If the other person is not online in Kona when you initiate a chat with them, they can receive an email digest of the conversation and reply through email or in the Kona chat window.

Tip: Click the People icon on the left side of My Kona and then click “Manage” to bring up the People page and see all the people you are connected to in Kona.

Tip: Mark people as Favorites to have them show at the top of the People section on the left side of My Kona for easy 1:1 chat access!

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    Miriam Skipworth

    Would be great to have this info in the krona guide :)

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    Lisa Ahearn

    How do I see the 1 on 1 conversations?  I think someone said in "My Kona" which comes up when I first log in, but how do I get back there after I've already clicked on a space?

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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Lisa,

    You can get back to My Kona by clicking on the Kona logo in the upper left of the screen. You can see 1:1 conversations on the Conversations tab of My Kona. Alternatively, if you click on someone's picture anywhere in Kona, it will open up your 1:1 conversation with them.



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