How can I easily prioritize a task when I create it?

When creating the task through quick add on the Tasks tab, type an exclamation point at the end of the task name.  Example: This is my priority task!  When the task is added, it will show a gold star to the right of the space picture indicating it has been marked as a priority task.

When creating the task through the green [+] button under the My Kona logo you can type in the exclamation point at the end or click the star icon at the top to mark a task as a priority. 

You can remove the priority at any time by clicking on the gold star of the task or in the details of the task itself.

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    Shannon Bradford

    That is nice, but it would also be helpful to have more than two levels of priority (starred or unstarred).  It would be nice to have something like high (red), medium (orange), low (blue) or no priority (gray).  Any chance we might see this in a future release?

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    Katie Levenstein

    Hi Shannon, 

    Thank you for your feedback. I can certainly see the benefit in having a more detailed way of prioritizing tasks. This is something we have discussed for a future release. Your specific suggestion is a new one, and I will add it to your feature requests so other users can "like" it to bump it up in popularity. 

    I would like to share that you cab prioritize your tasks using the tags feature, which is a part of Kona Business. As an owner of a business space, you can create tags for the entire space to use in the organizing of items across the space (tasks included). Please let me know if you have any questions. 



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