Getting a 404 Wipeout error when I try to log in

This error message usually indicates a mismatch between the email you are trying to log in to Deltek Collaboration with and the email address that the space invitation was sent to.  Think about whether you have an alternate email, or alias email, or differently spelled email that might have been used. 

To resolve this issue:

  • Option #1: Log in to Deltek Collaboration with the alternate email address.  Follow these steps to close your alternate email address Deltek Collaboration account.  14 days after closing your Deltek Collaboration account, add that alternate email to your Deltek Collaboration profile so that going forward any invitations to either account will go to your combined account.  Ask the space owner to re-send your space invitation to the email address you use as primary.
  • Option #2: Same as above, except follow these steps to manually remove your alternate email from your profile so that it can be added to your primary Deltek Collaboration account sooner.
  • Option #3: Same as #1, except that if you need to add your alternate email to your profile sooner and don’t have a throwaway email address, log a request with Support to have your old account deleted.


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