“Password confirmation must match password” – When trying to save profile changes

If you are receiving this error message when trying to save profile change, it indicates that you have turned on the broswer setting to remember passwords. 

Option #1 (Good for a one-time profile change): In your profile, go to the Account tab and click “Change” next to password.  Type in your password in the “New password” and “Re-enter new password” fields.  You will then be able to save your profile changes.

Firefox steps:

  • Option #2 (To correct the issue long-term): In Firefox, click on Tools > Options > Security tab. On the security tab, you can uncheck the box to "Remember passwords for sites" or add Deltek Collaboration to the "Exceptions" box. This would affect you going forward. Another option is to click the "Saved Passwords" button on this screen and Remove Deltek Collaboration from here or "Remove All." Or, Tools > Options > Privacy : History: [[X] Clear history when Firefox closes > Settings" to clear all passwords.

Internet Explorer steps:

  • Option #2 (To correct the issue long-term): Follow the steps in this article to disable password caching.  You will also see options for deleting the stored AutoComplete history.  We would recommend doing both to fix the issue and prevent it from occurring again in the future.


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    Tim Boeshaar

    I am having the same issue with internet explorer ... help?

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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Tim,

    I will add a support case for you so we can troubleshoot this.



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