Why am I not receiving emails from Kona anymore?

You have the ability to turn off receiving all emails from Kona inside your user profile.  To access your profile, click on your picture or name in the upper right corner of Kona and choose My Profile.  Click the “Notifications” link at the top.  Check to see if any of the envelope icons are showing as black (enabled). If not, click the icons of the items you want to receive emails for to enable notifications. 

Another reason you may not be receiving email notifications from Kona is that the emails are being caught by your spam or junk mail filter.  We recommend checking that filter and then approving (adding as a trusted sender, white-listing) the Kona domain for sending emails to you.

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    Pamela Ampaya


    I'm having the same problem with my account. I've already fixed my junk mail filter setup but the same problem still exists. 

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    Christine Boermeester


    I'm going to open a support case for you so we can troubleshoot your issue.



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