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How to access and update your profile:

Your user profile is accessible from any page in Kona.  Click on your profile picture or name in the upper right corner of Kona and choose "My Profile".  Scroll through this pop-up window and look at each tab to see all your options.  Make your changes and then click "Save".

Account tab:

  • Full name: Enter your name as you wish to appear in Kona.
  • Email addresses: Click “add email address” to enter all your email addresses in to Kona.  Having all email addresses in here means that you will have all your Kona information consolidated into one account regardless of what email people use when inviting you to spaces.  Having emails you use for Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Google Drive in here also makes it easier to use those services in Kona. You can select which email address will be primary (meaning it will display to other users and will be the one notifications go to).  You can log in to Kona using any of the email addresses listed. 
  • Password: Click “change” if you wish to change your Kona password.
  • Title (Kona Business only): Enter your professional title.
  • Location (Kona Business only): Enter your office location.
  • Department (Kona Business only): Enter your professional department in the organization.
  • Expertise (Kona Business only): You have the option to select from a long list, or to create your own. From within the search feature in My Kona, you can also search for people according to expertise tags.  This makes it really easy to find the right person in your firm to help you with Finance, Social Media, Legal issues, or whatever else you need to collaborate on.
  • Phone and Mobile Phone: Enter your phone numbers if you wish.  The numbers will be visible to others you collaborate with.
  • Birthday: Enter your birthday.
    • On your birthday Kona will display a birthday message overlaying the login page. Enjoy! 
  • Skype ID: Enter your Skype ID for use in Skype calls.  If you have your ID in here, others can initiate Skype calls with you.
  • Picture: Click the + sign to upload a profile picture.  This will display throughout Kona and is a great way to get to know people on the team. 
  • Member Since: Kona shows how long you have been a member.
  • Account Type: Indicates if you are a Free, Pro, or Business member.
  • File storage: Indicates how much personal file storage you have and have used in your my Account spaces.

Notifications tab:

  • If the envelope icon to the right of the email notification is black, it is enabled and the email will be sent.  A gray envelope means the notification is disabled and an email will not be sent.
  • Kona news and communications: This option is separate from the product notifications and updates.  Disabling this option will remove you from Kona marketing and product news emails like new release announcements.  
    • Note: If you have disabled this option for more than 24 hours, you must enable the envelope and visit this page to re-enable your marketing subscription.
  • Daily Planner: The daily planner email is sent each morning.  It lists reminders for today, events scheduled for today, and tasks due today (or overdue).
  • Conversation digests: If you have unread comments in a conversation, you can be emailed all comments since your last email notification in a digest email.  The previously read (but not emailed) comments will be shaded darker and the unread comments will be white.  Once you enable this option, you can select the frequency by clicking on the link to the left of the envelope.  Your choices are Hourly, Daily, or Never for the frequency and you can select which category of spaces to receive notifications for.  If you choose anything other than ALL, you will only receive conversation digests for the chosen space category. Note: This setting will affect all conversations created from this point forward.  Conversations that already exist will continue to email you based on your previous settings.  You can change the settings for an individual conversation by clicking on it to open the pop-up and then clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the conversation name.  Choose “Email settings” from the drop-down menu and then select the frequency you want for this particular conversation.
    • Mark conversations read: If this option is checked, then when an email digest with unread comments goes out, Kona will mark those comments as read. This option can be especially useful if you catch up on conversations via email and then have to go clear the comments in Kona. Checking this box will clear it in Kona for you.
  • Invitations from external calendar feeds: If this option is enabled, when someone adds an external calendar feed with public events to a space you belong to, you will receive an email notification for every event in the feed.  By default, this option is disabled.
  • Reminders: On the settings tab of your profile, you can set a default reminder for events.  If you select “Email” as your delivery method, you will receive an email in the timeframe you select before your event begins.  You can also set reminders on individual events and tasks that will be emailed and appear in your Reminders Pad.  Learn more in this article.
  • Invitations to spaces and activities: With this option enabled, you will receive an email notification (and see a notification in the globe icon in the upper left of Kona) any time you are invited to a space, and any time you are assigned to a task or an event.  If this option is disabled, you will only be notified via the globe icon in the upper left of Kona. 
  • Urgent comments: With this option enabled, any time someone posts a comment in a conversation that they mark as urgent via the exclamation point icon in the conversation, you will receive an immediate email notification.  The conversation will also be denoted with an exclamation point, and the comment will be highlighted in light red.  If this option is disabled, you will see the conversation marked with the exclamation point and the comment highlighted, but there will be no email notification.
  • User mentions: With this option enabled, any time someone uses the @ symbol to mention you, you will receive an immediate email notification.  The conversation will also be marked that you were mentioned and the comment will have your name highlighted in light red.  With this option disabled, the conversation and comment will be marked but you will not receive an email notification.
  • Group mentions: With this option enabled, any time someone uses the @ symbol to mention a group you belong to, you will receive an immediate email notification.  The conversation will also be marked that the group was mentioned and the comment will have your group name highlighted in light red.  With this option disabled, the conversation and comment will be marked but you will not receive an email notification.
  • Play sound: Enable sound alerts when notifications come in on Kona. A sound will play every time you receive a new notification (for both conversations and global notifications).
  • Enable desktop notifications: This allows you to turn on notifications for use of Kona on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. NOTE: The notifications for Chrome only include the conversation title, to provide context.  
  • TIP! We recommend enabling Reminders, Invitations to spaces and activities, Urgent comments, User mentions, and Group mentions.  The other settings are truly personal preference for how you work best with Kona. 
  • TIP! Turn off all emails (including previously enabled conversation digests): Click on any black envelope icons (enabled) to set them to gray (disabled).  If all icons are gray, you will not receive Kona emails. 

Settings tab:

  • Default reminder for events: Select the method and frequency of when you would like to be alerted about upcoming Kona events.  You can override this setting on individual events but this option will default in.  If there is a reminder selected, the event will show on the Reminders pad.
  • Time zone: Select your time zone.  This option will display to others you collaborate with and helps them to know when you would most likely be available.
  • Show quick tips: Check this box if you wish to see pop-up tips regarding new features in Kona.
  • Enable Google Doc Viewer: Check this box to enable previewing documents without needing to download them. Learn more here.
  • Set auto-reply: Check this box to set an away message in Kona.  Your profile picture will show with an “Away” on it and the message you type in will be sent to people that try to reach you during the timeframe you select.  For a one day absence, choose the date you unavailable in the “Start date” field and the following day in the “Returning date” field.  Learn more here.

Services tab:

  • A box indicating “Connect” means that you have not yet set up the integration between Kona and the listed service.  If the box says “Connected”, then the integration is already enabled.  You can click that box to disable the integration. 
  • Before initiating any of these connections, we recommend putting the email address you use for that service on the Account tab of your profile.
  • Facebook: If you wish to log in to Kona using Facebook and invite your Facebook friends to Kona, click “Connect” to authorize the connection with Facebook. 
  • LinkedIn: If you wish to invite your LinkedIn colleagues to Kona , click “Connect” to authorize the integration with LinkedIn. 
  • Google: Click “Connect” to enable the integration between Kona and Google Drive. 
  • Yahoo: If you wish to log in to Kona with your Yahoo account, click “Connect” to enable the integration.  
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