Learn more about closing your Kona account

Before closing your Kona Pro account, compare the Free, Pro, and Business plans to be sure that canceling is the right decision for you.  You might want to consider downgrading to Kona Free instead.  Keep in mind that any prepaid bills are not refundable but future billing will be canceled. 

When you close your Kona Pro or Free account, you will no longer be able to log in and access your information.  You will be removed from the spaces you are associated with, however the items you have shared with others will not be affected.  As part of the closing account process, you will be able to designate a new owner for any spaces that you own. 

Even after closing your account, we hope you will consider us again in the future as your needs change.  We are constantly innovating Kona.

To close your account:

  • Click on your picture in the upper right of Kona.
  • Choose “My profile” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Close account” link in the lower left of the profile screen.
  • On the Close Account screen, you can choose a new owner from among the other space members, or delete the space. 
    • To choose a new owner, click into the field and a drop-down list of space members will appear.  You can also type the space member’s name into that field.
    • To delete the space, click the trash can icon to the right of the “Assign new owner” field.
    • Once all your spaces have a new owner or are deleted, click the “Close Account” button.
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    Kristofer Carrasco

    Just wondering, I can't seem to find the "Close Account" button. Please see attached.

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    Christine Boermeester

    Hi Kristofer,

    Since you are a member of a Kona Business account, the administrator of the account is the one who can offboard you. Once you are not a member of an account and have only an individual account (Free, Pro, or Pro+) you will see the Close Account option. 




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    If we get on Kona and then decide down the road to use another solution, will we be able to port the information from Kona onto another platform? (Is the Kona information stored on a db that we can access/transfer?) Thanks!

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    Lauren M Jones


    I have two business emails and I have figured out how to merge them under one by putting my personal email under one and removing my business email. Now I want to remove the account under my personal email but it still seems to be linked to my business. How can I remove this account?

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